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Technical Theatre

Here you'll find lots of information on Technical Theatre (Lighting, Sound, Stage Design, etc) including an online portfolio of technical theatre events I've worked-on since 1989.

Historic Theatre Photography

Photographs and information about historic theatres, cinemas and movie palaces I've visited or worked-in.


In the Photos Section you'll find an array of photos I've taken from throughout the UK and around the World.

Cars & Bikes

A fun history of the cars and motorcycles which I've owned.


Check out my latest videos on YouTube! Historic theatres, photography and quirky stuff I spot around the world.

Whyz LA?

Coming soon to Los Angeles! Why's LA have a building with a light on the roof flashing morse code? Why's LA got a Studio Zone? Why's LA the center of the movie industry?

Check back soon to find out...Whyz LA!